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Basic Obedience

Our basic obedience class covers all the first steps to getting your dog trained. Your dog will learn how to heel, sit, stop, pulling on the leash, and come at ease. And will help you and your dog have a better understanding of each other making your relationship even stronger.

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Advanced Obedience

Our advanced obedience classes provide off leash training. Your dog will follow all the commands of your basic obedience class but, off the leash and trained not to leave your side through different distractions while being off the leash. Your dog needs to be graduated with its basic obedience course to take the advanced obedience course.


Our protection training course will have your dog ready to guard your family or business. It will make your dog fully aware and trained for dangerous situations. Through training with realistic scenarios our dogs will only attack when told to do so or if they see you in harm's way.



We offer the highest level of training with our Schutzhund course. We can title your dog in all levels of Schutzhund. Starting at BH, up to Ipo1, ipo2, and ipo3.

Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification course can help your dogs with many different issues. From jumping on people (rough playing), unnecessary barking, aggression, constant biting, digging holes and many more problems that our trainers are happy to help correct.

Service Dog Certification

This course depends on what levels of training you want your new service dog to require. For your dog must have at least passed our basic obedience course. And then depending on what specific needs your looking for will determine on how much more training your dog will need and how much it will cost.


If your dog has already passed their basic and advanced obedience classes and are looking for a fun new engaging challenge. That stimulates your dog's mind while giving them lots of exercise our agility course is for you. We will put your dog through a series of obstacles like tunnels, tires, and ramps while being on a timer. And increasing his agility and making him a serious competitor for any competitions or day to day fun with their owner.

Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are great for early socialization for your dog and giving him the confidence, they will need in their upcoming adult life. We will also help you teach your dog important basic commands at a young age which is crucial because it makes training throughout the dog's life a much easier process when they have a strong training base at a young age.

Boot Camps

Our boot camps can be adjusted to your scheduling but usually include our facility caring for your dog for 1-2 weeks (boarding) while training them with whichever training course you have chosen. Then when you come to pick up your dog, we will go over all the commands and new training aspects we have taught your dog.

Narcotic Detection

Our Narcotic Detection course will teach your dog to detect any Narcotics and turn him into a working dog.

Explosive Detection

Our explosive detection course will teach your dog to detect any explosions. And turn him into a working dog.

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